A talented student from UoD was chosen to visit China
Oct. 1, 2017, 8:06 p.m.

As an agreement was made between the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and Huawei company, 10 talented students were chosen from all Universities of Kurdistan for the Kurdistan Seeds for the Future program after a two-level test. The first test was made by their Universities, and the second one was by a mutual committee of the Ministry and Huawei company. After both tests were made, top 10 students were chosen. These students were marked as the first group from Kurdistan to participate in the Seeds program, so the ministry gave them its full support to succeeded in the program and return with an adequate amount of knowledge that would help to improve the technological level in the country.
At the beginning these students were honored by the Minister of Higher Education in an opening ceremony held in Erbil with the presence of the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Minister of Martyrs and Anfal Affairs, Minister of Transport and Communications, Head of Department of Foreign Relations, and the consulate general of People's Republic of China. After that, they started their trip to China.
During the First week there, participants were Huawei's guests in Beijing for an amazing introduction to Chinese language and culture. They took a course in comprehensive Chinese language and Chinese Painting & Calligraphy in School of Continuing Education of Beijing Language and Culture University. In week two, participants stayed in Shenzhen and worked with Huawei team in their Global Headquarters, learning about Huawei's international culture, strategy, and values, and receive technical training from some of the finest professionals in the industry. Travel and accommodation were provided by Huawei. The group was accompanied by Dr. Khatab Ahmed Mustafa, the general director of finance and administration of the Ministry, Dr. Mohammed Hussein Ahmed,
In this group of students, Mr. Younis Khalid Shukri, who is an Electrical and Computer engineer, represented University of Dohuk among universities of Kurdistan in China and was able to become the group team leader. He successfully completed the program and returned back with more knowledge in the ICT field with which he can serve his country better.