A Group of Students Created a Peshmerga Stage at College of Veterinary Medicine
Dec. 20, 2016, 9:03 p.m.

On Decembr 18th, 2016, on the occasion of Kurdistan Flag Day a number of students of College of Veterinary Medicine voluntarily presented a project supervised by the dean of the college Dr. Lukman O. Taib to show solidarity of Peshmerga and showing their lifestyle and the service that they're presenting to our country. Then certificate of appreciations distributed among participated students.

Students who participated in the project:

  1. Shahid Ahmed – Stage 4
  2. Amad Adil – Stage 4
  3. Araz Omar – Stage 4
  4. Hovan Bishar – Stage 4
  5. Hani Admon – Stage 4
  6. Majid Sagvan – Stage 3
  7. Zhigger Khorsheed – Stage 3

It's worth mentioning that these same students have painted a flag with Peshmerga on the wall of the college before two weeks, and they are hoping more students will do these kinds of activities.