Two German Ministers Visit UoD

As a part of our collaboration with the German State of Baden Wurttemberg, a high delegation visits the University of Duhok on Wednesday 17th of April 2019. The delegation represented by the Minister of Science, Research and Arts  Her Excellency Mrs. Theresa Bauer and the Minister of State Her Excellency Mrs. Teresa Shopar. Prof. Mosleh Duhoky received the delegation at the Institute of Psychotherapy and Psycho-traumatology along with his vices and the deans of the colleges.

In his speech, Prof. Mosleh Duhoky mentioned that ‘Kurdistan Regional Government has great relations with the German government since 1991, both in military and civil activates!  We always value and appreciate the great humanitarian stance of the German government toward the different crises at our region, through different kinds of help. Definitely, this moral attitude will be brightly remembered for many generations to come. The soft and hard skills they provided as well as the amount of logistics and military support made a great difference in defeating ISIS”. The president Prof. Duhoky, asked the esteemed delegation to expand the collaboration by upgrading the Institute to be a College of Psychotherapy and Psycho - traumatology,

The German State of Baden Wurttemberg through the Minister Mrs. Theresa Bauer and Professor Ilhan Kizlhan back in 2016 helps our university to initiate the Institute of Psychotherapy and Psycho-traumatology.

At the end of the visit, the delegation had long discussions with the delegation regarding their performance in their study at the institute.