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                                        ZANAN MOHAMMED AMEEN TAHA
  • 1-Isolation of Salmonella among Sheep Flocks and Sheep Abattoir in Duhok Provinc                

           ZMA Taha

    M.Sc.thesis, faculty of Vet.Med.University of Duhok

    2- Sero-prevalence of Chalmydopila abortus in goat farms in Duhok Province-Iraq

    LT Omer,ZMA Taha,FB Mikaeel

    AL –Qadisiyah Journal of Veterinary  Medicine Sciences15 (1),34-37

    3-Occurrence and antimicrobial resistance of Salmonella serotypes isolated from chicken carcasses in Duhok,Kurdistan Region/Iraq

    ZMA Taha, Ms Ahmed, JM Abdo

    4-Isolation and Molecular Identification With Resistant Profile Determination of listeria monocytogenes from Imported Chicken Carcasses in Duhok, Kurdistan Region/Iraq

    Ms Ahmed, ZMA Taha, LT Omer

    Journal of pure and applied microbiology



    Microbiology/Molecular bacteriology(Antibiotic  resistance, Food and clinical

     Microbiology,public health)


  • 13 years 

  • participating in activity rather then teaching

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