College of Education - Akre

Seminar on translation

On Monday (4-3-2019), the seminar was presented by Professor (Berenzek Babeker Zebari), an interpreter and the region's educator, in the presence of Dr. Rashid Kamal Mustafa, Dean of the Faculty of Education, Akra and the delegation of the Kurdistan Students Union. .

In this seminar, the following topics were discussed:

1 - the importance of translation.

2. Date of translation.

3 - the reason for delay in the subject of translation.

At the beginning of the seminar, the professor spoke about translation and its importance. After that, he spoke about the types of translation and to what extent the translator is successful in the field of translation, and the translation must have wide thinking in order to be successful in his work.

Among the important points mentioned by the professor: -

1. Open College of Translation.

2. Appointment of translation students.

3 - Opening of electronic offices.

4 - clarification and the best work of my work in Kurdistan.