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                                        Sabrya Jarjees Zuber
Sabrya Jarjees Zuber Rapporteur of Research Center
Plant biotechnology (plant molecular).
    • M.Sc. (Plant Biotechnology)\ Department of bioengineering and science \ College of science \ Kahramanmaraş Sütçü İmam University , of turkey. 2008.
    • B.Sc. (plant Production)\ Department of plant Production\ College of Agriculture\ University of Duhok. 2000.
    • B.Sc. (English language) Department of English, University of Nawroze, College of Art, 2009-2013.


  • 1.  Fingerprinting a number of Prunuspersica varieties cultivated in Duhok Province using SRAP markers. Avesta M. Ali, Sabrya J. Zubair, DalalKh. Sinjare and Jaladet M.S. Jubrael, (it published to University of Zakho Journal).

    2. Genetic Variation Assessment of SomePrunusSpecies Using SRAP Markers Sabrya Jerjees Zubair, Avesta Mohammed Ali, And Jaladet M. S. Jubrael(Itpublished to University of Zakho Journal).

    3.  Genetic diversity among Walnuts ( Juglansregia) population in Kurdistan, Region – Iraq using   AFLP-PCR. Avesta M. Ali,  SabryaJerjeesZubair, Awat M. A bbas and Jaladet M.S. Jubrael. Itpublished to Zanco Journal, SaladaddinUniversity- Erbil/ Iraq.


    My research interests of Plant Molecular identification of  species and cultivars in our Regional province, , studying the genetic diversity and characterization by using DNA markers


    • Plant Taxonomy / Practical

  • No available.

  • Conferences:

    • Participated in "Kurdistan 4th Conference on Biological Sciences" (8th -10th May 2012)\ Scientific Research Center\ Faculty of Science\ University of Duhok\ Iraq.
    • Participated in "Kurdistan 3rd Conference on Biological Sciences" (4th - 6th May 2010)\ Scientific Research Center\ University of Duhok\ Iraq.


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