The 5th Kurdistan International Conference on Science and Technology

Registration Fees

1- Registration fees to participate with a research paper are 150$.
2- Registration fees to present and publish an extra paper are 100$.
3- Paperless registration fee and co-author is 100 $
4- Registration fees to participate for postgraduate (MSc and PhD) students are 75$.
5- Registration fees to participate for UOD staff are free of charge.
6- An official document will be issued for all participants.

Registration fees will cover:
1. Admission to scientific sessions, poster, exhibition area
2. Conference bag and/or conference accessories
3. Certificate of attendance
4. Coffee breaks
5. Welcome reception
6. Accommodation in standard room (will share a room with someone else) for 3 night. If someone prefers a single room extra (per night) will be charged.
7. Banquet
8. Publication of papers in DOAJ journals. Other selected papers for the conference will be considered for publication in the conference associated journal with an additional fee.
9. If author has more than one paper in the conference then the author has to pay ONLY 50% of the total fee in order to publish the additional paper.