Academic Staff

                                        Dr. Hussein Abdulrahman Hashem
Dr. Hussein Abdulrahman Hashem Head of Department
Statistics & Regression Models
    • 2009-2014  Ph.D. student in the Brunel University London, United Kingdom.
    • 1997–2000 M.Sc. study in the Dept. of Statistics, College of Computers and Mathematical Sciences, Mosul University, Mosul, Iraq.
    • 1991–1997 B.Sc. study in the Dept. of Statistics, College of Administration and Economic,Mosul University, Mosul, Iraq.

    1. 2013  V. Vinciotti and H. Hashem (2013). Robust methods for inferring sparse network structures. Computational Statistics and Data Analysis, 67, 84-94.
    2. 2015  H. Hashem, V. Vinciotti, R. Al-Hamzawi and K. Yu (2015).Quantile regression with group lasso for classification. To appear in Advances in Data Analysis and Classification.

    • Teaching undergraduate courses in Probability and Mathematical Statistics.

    • Supervising undergraduate student projects.

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