Academic Staff

                                        Halat Ahmed Hussein
Halat Ahmed Hussein
Assistant Lecturer
    •  2010-2013  M.Sc degree in computer Science, University of  Zakho.
    • 2006- 2008 High Diploma in Computer Science, University of Dohuk.
    • 1996 – 2000 B.S.c In computer science, University of Technology.
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  • My research interests include  data security and internet security.Using encryption algorithm  and  Hash  Function to provide the security , I also interest in Image processing and  Auto car plate recognition (OCR) , I have been  working on website programming for the (TQA ) student feedback and student life center.


    •  Data Security
    • Network Security

  •  B.Sc Projects

    • Title   Student Feedback for the (TQA)

          - Name  Beshraw, Mahsom       
          -Date   Unknown

    • Title  Auto logo car Recognition

          - Name  Khalid, Kazem, Azad, Nuaman
          -Date   Unknown

    • Title    Designing Student life Center Website

          - Name  Araz Izat, Araz Hamo, Dyiary Shovan
          -Date   Unknown

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  •   009647504790830

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