Academic Staff

                                        Suhad Abdulrahman Yasin
Suhad Abdulrahman Yasin
Ph.D Student
Industrial Chemistry
    • 2007 - 2009 M.Sc. Chemistry, College of Education, Duhok University.
    • 1989 - 1993  B.Sc. Chemistry, College of Science, University of Mosul.
    1. Removal of Cr(VI) from aqueous solution using modified Pomegranate Peel: Equilibrium and Kinetic Studies. Tariq S.Najim and Suhad A.Yassin, E-J.of chemistry,6(S1), S129-S142 (2009).
    2. Removal of Cr(VI) from aqueous solution using modified Pomegranate Peel: Equilibrium and Kinetic Studies.Tariq S.Najim and Suhad A.Yassin, E-J.of chemistry, 6(S1), S153-S158 (2009).
    3. Poly(furfural-acetone) as new adsorbent for removal of Cu(II)  rom aqueous solution: Thermodynamic and Kinetic Studies. Tariq S.Najim, Suhad A.Yassin and Ali J.Majli, International J. of chemistry 2(2) 44-53 (2010).
    4. physical and mechanical properties of polymer-gypsum composite Tariq S. Najim, , Atheer A. Al-Zubaidy1 , Suhad A. Yassin,Al- Mustansiriyah J. Sci.  , Vol. 2, No. 4(2011).
    5. Polyurethane Foam Waste for Removal of Ni(II) From Aqueous Solutions, Suhad A.Yassin  Al- Mustansiriyah J. Sci. Vol. 23, No 5, (2012).
    6. Synthesis of Peppermint stem-g- Poly(acrylic acid) and its application for Nickel ions removal,  Tariq S. Najim, Suhad A. Yassin , Ban A. Dawood  Iraqi  J. of  Polymers, Vol.16 , No.2, 34-46  (2012).
    7. Application Of Chitin ( A Natural Biodegredable Polymer)        For Cu(Ii) Removal From Aqueous Solution By Adsorption Process  Using Batch Studies, Suhad A. Yasin, Najlaa K. Issa,The 4th Kurdistan Conference on Biological sciences, (2012).
    8. Adsorption of Ni(II) from an aqueous solution by    (glycyrrhiza glabra),a natural adsorbent: equilibrium and   studies, Suhad A.Yasin, Abraheem A.Mohammed, Journal university of Duhok, Vol.15 , No.2, (2012  ).
    9. Adsorption of Cr(VI) from aqueous solution using low cost        adsorbent: Equilibrium study, Tariq S. Najim, Suhad A. Yasin Journal of university of Zakho, (2013).
    10. Removal of Cr (VI) from Aqueous Solution Using: A new  Adsorbent, Suhad A. Yassin, Ban A. Dawood Journal of Education and Science, university of Mosul.
    11. Cr (VI) Adsorption from aqueous solution using agricultural    wastes, Book , Suhad A. Yasin ,Lambert,2013.
    12. "Wastewater model of Cr(VI) removal by sulfonated lignin       pine cone" . I finished my practical work and I have good results, I need time to complete writing.

    • Polymer chemistry
    • Adsorption
    • Water treatment
    • Nano polymer

    • 4th class polymer& petroleum  chemistry (theory)
    • 4th class lab. polymer& petroleum chemistry
    • 3rd class physical  chemistry( theory)
    • 3rd class lab. physical chemistry
    • 2nd class lab. Physical chemistry
    • 2nd class lab. organic chemistry
    • 3rd class lab. organic chemistry

  • Undergraduate Projects

    • Title   Lexan

          - Name   Omran Haji
          -Date   Unknown

    • Title   Gazoline

          - Name   Zewar Farsit
          -Date   Unknown

    • Title   Manufacture of drug

          - Name   Bafreen Ali
          -Date   Unknown

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