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                                        Lawand Alyas Hantosh
Lawand Alyas Hantosh
Assistant Lecturer
    • 2009-2012  M.Sc.  The Dept. of Physics , Faculty  of Science, Beirut Arab University.
    • 2003-2007  B.Sc.  The Dept. of Physics , College of Science , The University of Mosul.
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    • My research interests: molecular quantum physics. I have experience in one of the tools of computational physics known as ab initio calculation. 

    • Quantum Chemistry : The course focuses on the fundamental principles of quantum mechanics and their application to modals that represent the translation, vibrational, rotational and electric properties of atoms and molecules.
    • General physics lab : The general physics lab focuses on practical experiments in genereal physics. 

  • Undergraduate Projects

    • Title Application of the Schrodinger Equation

          - Name  Nazik Nizar Rashid and Beyan Zaki Amen
          -Date   Unknown

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