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                                        Janan Dawood Yousif
Janan Dawood Yousif
Assistant Lecturer
    •  Masters degree in Inorganic  chemistry about(Synthesis and charaterization of some complex salts of transition metals with Nitrogen.
    • B.Sc. degree  in chemistry from the university of Basrah  in  (1977), with the average  rate  70.6%.
    1. Synthesis and Characterization of new complexes of Mn+2, Co+2 ,Cu+2, and Zn+2 with 1,2 – bis (sodium cystienate)   ethan ligand-By Nabeel H.Buttrus ,Janan D. Yousif, Veyan T. Selman. Chemistry department ,college of science ,University of Mousl.Iraq chemistry department  ,Faculty of science,University of duhok.Iraq.International Journal of Enhanced Reaserch in Science Technology&Engineering ISSN:2319-7463,Vol.Issue 3 ,March 2014, pp:(54-58) , Impact Factor:1.252.
    2. Dinuclear and Tetranuclear Cobalt(II) , Nickle(II) , Copper(II) ,and Zinc(II)  complexes with [bis- 1,4-(Sodium thioglycolate) butane] .-By Nabeel H.Buttrus , T.N.Alsaoor, Janan D. Yousif. Chemistry department ,college of science ,University of Mousl.Iraq. Department of science ,College of Basic Education ,Almustansiriyah University. Chemistry department  ,Faculty of science,University of duhok.Iraq Almustansiriyah J.Sci ,Vol 22, No7,2011.

    • My Research Interestes include Coordination Chemistry and Periodic Table.

    • Theoretical- Practical Inorganic chemistry.

  • Undergraduate Projects

    • Title  Coordination Chemistry

          - Name Naleen Muhammad and Akhink Mahdi
          -Date   2015-2016

    • Title  Carbon Family

          - Name Sami SaidoQasim and Hadi Ali Khudida
          -Date   2015-2016

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