Academic Staff

                                        Huda Ali Ibraheem
Huda Ali Ibraheem Rapporteur of Computer Science Dept
Assistant Lecturer
    • 2011-2013 M.SC. In Analytical Chemistry, University of Duhok –Faculty of Science –Department of Chemistry-Iraq.
    • 2008 B.SC.  In Chemistry, University of Mosul –College of Sciences – Department of Chemistry-Iraq.
    1. (Spectrophotometric Assay of some Nitrogen Containing Drugs in Pharmaceutical Formulations using p-Chloranilic Acid Reagent), J. of Advances in Chemistry, Vol. 9, No. 1, April 19, 2014, pp. 1798 – 1809.

    • Spectrophotometric analysis of chemical compounds

    • Teaching undergraduate in Laboratory of Chemistry (Instrumental Analysis Laboratory 4th Stage)
    • Teaching undergraduate courses in Laboratory of Chemistry (Analytical Laboratory)

  • Undergraduate Projects

    • Title Determination of caffeine in beverages by high performance liquid chromatography

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