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                                        Haval Ali Hussein
Haval Ali Hussein
Assistant Lecturer
Physical chemistry
    • 2012-2013 MSc in by individually supervised study in physical chemistry, University of Leicester/England-United Kingdom.
    • 2006-2010 BSc Chemistry science, University of Duhok/Kurdistan-Region-Iraq.


    1. The impact of the ionic liquid viscosity on the electroplating process of Zn, Sn and Zn/Sn alloys, Journal of Duhok University-Iraq, 2014.

    • Medium density fibreboard
    • Electricity
    • Computation chemistry

  • Undergraduate Student's

    • practical inorganic.
    • polymer
    • physical chemistry

  • No available 

    • Excel in a simplified way-Duhok University.
    • E-learning-Duhok University.
    • Mendeley File Organiser.
    • Introduction into Mass Spectrometer.
    • Scientific conference on Gynecology and Obstetrics
    • Participated as a speaker in the Kurdistan 5th international conference on science and technology 24th-25th April 2019.
    • 5th physics fair May 9,2019.
    • Physics laboratory design workshops held on the 4th May,2019.
    • I gave seminars on:

                  1-Treatment of biomedical waste products-College of science-University of Duhok

                  2-Medium density fibreboard (MDF).

                  3-Electrolytic cells.

                  4-Thermodynamics versus kinetics

                  5-Photochromism of organic compounds my PhD product topic.

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