Academic Staff

                                        Dr. Shireen Othman Ismael
Dr. Shireen Othman Ismael Head of chemistry department
Assistant Proffesor
    • 2010 Ph.D Chemistry, University of Duhok, College of Education, Iraq.
    • 1987 M.Sc Chemistry,University of Salahaddin, College of Science, Iraq.
    • 1982 B.Sc. Chemistry,University of Salahaddin, College of Science, Iraq.

    1. Fadhil, M. N.; Mohammad T.K. , Fahmi.A.M.&Sherin Othman ;Determination of Fluoride Ion in Sources of Drinking Water in City of Arbeel, with Fluoride Ion- Selective Electrode, Iraqi Journal of Science, 1990, V.31, no. 4.
    2. The Determination of Heavy Metals in Sanitation Water of Textile Factory in Arbil City, Published in the Proceedings of the  Second Scientific Congress for Saddam-dam Research Centre, Held on 18-20/March 1990.
    3. The M.Sc. Thesis Research was published under the title ( Simultaneous Determination of(Cl, Br, I & F ) with Flow Injection / Ion-Selective Electrode Systems ;Puplished in Talanta, Vol.39, No.10, pp. 1259-1267.
    4. M. R. O. Karim, Th. M. Karadaghi, and S. O. Ismail; Determination of Trace Amount of Acetic Acid in Ethyl and Methyl Acetate by Fluoride Isoconcentration using the Method of Standard Additions, Portugal Electrochimica Acta,1990,V.8.
    5. M. R. O. Karim, Th. M. Karadaghi, and S. O. Ismail; Determination of Water in Ascorbic Acid by the proton  Isoconcentration technique  using the Standard Addition Method ; Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis, 1990, Vol. 8, No. 5, pp. 415-418.
    6. M. R. O. Karim, S. O. Ismai , and Th. M. Karadaghi ; Invention Certificate or the joint research entitled constant vigilance of acid amount of organic solvents on 5/9/1991 from the Ministry of Planning(The Central Apparatus for Measurment& Quality Control)/Section of Invention Certificates& Industrial Samples, No. of Invention Certificate is (2349-Bagdad).
    7. Sherin O. Ismail and Ali H. Ahmed; Spectrophotometric Determination of Methyl Dopa by Azo Dye formation with Diazotized Sulfamethoxazole  (Application to Drugs); J. DohukUnv. 2006,  Vol.9, No. 1, pp. 29-34
    8. Theia'a N. Al-Sabha,[a] Shireen O. Ismael[b] and Suzan A. Ali, SPECTROPHOTOMETRIC DETERMINATION OF AMINOPHENOL ISOMERS USING 9-CHLOROACRIDINE REAGENT, Eur. Chem. Bull., 2014, 3(2), 195-199.

    • Environmental studies: Environmental monitoring,  water pollution, heavy metals, Degradation and removal of organic pollutants in water, health impacts of water pollution.
    • Development of new analytical methods for the determination of pharmaceutical compounds and pesticides.

    • General Chemistry
    • Environmental pollution
    • Analytical Chemistry & Separation Methods
    • Physical chemistry, Thermodynamics           
    • Special Topics in Analytical Chemistry (For M.Sc. students)
    • Advanced Physical chemistry (For M.Sc. students)
    • Flow Injection Analysis (For M.Sc. Students)
    • Ion-Selective Electrodes (For M.Sc. Students)
    • Chemical Degradation Methods for Wastes and Pollutants(Ph.D. Students)

  • Masters Theses

    • Title A selective Spectrophotometric method for determination of some primary aromatic amines using 9-Chloroacridine reagent. Application to pharmaceutical  formulations.

          -Name   Susan Ahmed Ali - ZakhoUniversity

          -Date   2013

    • Title   Correlation between Trace metals and type of hydrocarbons in some Kurdistan Crude oils.

          -Name   Halima Mustafa Hussein - Zakho University

          -Date  2014

  • Training courses and conferences:

    • Kurdistan Environmental Development Policy. March,18-20/2006, University of Duhok, Kurdistan Region ,Iraq
    • Professional Development Workshop, Curriculum Assessment and Academic Program Review. August, 4-10/2013, Bridgewater State University, USA.
    • Workshop on Towards Sub- Divisions in Chemistry Department. March, 28-29th /2015, University of Sulaimani, Kurdistan Region, Iraq



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