Academic Staff

                                        Dr. Ghazwan Faisal Fadhil
Dr. Ghazwan Faisal Fadhil
    • 1983 PhD in Chemistry ,University of Southampton , UK.
    • 1977 BSc. (Honor) in Chemistry, University of Basrah, Iraq.
    1. Structure Antimicrobial Activity Relationship Investigation of some Butadiene and Chalcone Derivatives Hanoy AL-Amood,   Hadeel AL-Hadithi and  Ghazwan F. Fadhil Journal of Life Sciences. David  Publishing, (USA) Vol 7, No 7 , PP 705-711,2013.
    2. Pine oil extraction from Pinus brutia Ten Needles of Zawita- Duhok City- and -pinene content determination by Gas Chromatography. Ibtehaj T. Subhey , Raeed M Goran and Ghazwan F. Fadhil Proceedings of The 4th Kurdistan Conference on Biological Sciences. University of Duhok, 8-10 May, pages 400-404 (2012) (IRAQ).
    3. Substituent effect investigation of 3-(2, 4-dichlorophenyl)-1-(4`-X-phenyl)-2-propen-1-one. Part 1. Correlation analysis of 13C –NMR chemical shifts. Alexander Perjessy , Hanoy K. Al-Amood, Ghazwan F. Fadhil and Nada Pronayova. Journal of Physical Organic Chemistry Vol.24  (140-146) 2011  DOI 10.1002/poc.1718 .
    4. Factor Analysis, Target Factor Testing and Model Designing of Aromatic Solvent Effect of the Formyl Proton Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Chemical Shift in Para Substituted Benzaldehydes. Ghazwan F. Fadhil American Journal of Applied Sciences 7(1),  (24-32) 2010.
    5. Substituent Effects in the 13C NMR Chemical Shifts of para-( para- substituted benzylidene amino) benzonitrile and Para-( para-substituted benzylidene amino) benzonitrile. G.F.Fadhil and A.H.Essa Journal of The Iranian Chemical Society Vol. 6, No.4,( 808-811)  2009 .
    6. Substituent effect study on 13C SCS of styrene series. A Yukawa-Tsuno and Reynolds dual substituent parameter model investigation. Basil A. Saleh,  Sabih A. Al-Shawi  and Ghazwan F. Fadhil. J.Phys.Org.Chem. Vol. 21 (96-101) 2008 DOI 10.1002/poc.1272.
    7. Substituent effect study on 13C-NMR and IR spectral data of 3-(4-X-phenacyclidine) oxindoles. H.R.Radhy , G.F.Fadhil, A.Perjessy, M.Samalikova and N. Pronayova. University of Sharjah Journal of Pure and Applied Sciences Vol. 4 No.1 (19-24), 2007.
    8. The role of side-chain on the transmission of substituent effect in p-disubstituted benzenes. Part I. Monosubstituent parameter modeling of para 13 C substituent chemical shifts.Sabih A. O. Al-Shawi and Ghazwan F. Fadhil Abhath Al-Yarmouk  Journal  " Basic Science and Engineering", Vol. 12, No. 2A   2003. ( YarmoukUniversity , Irbid, Jordan).
    9. Dual Substituent Parameter Modeling of Theoretical , NMR and IR Spectral Data of 5-Substituted Indole-2,3-diones.Ghazwan F. Fadhil, H.A.Radhy, A.Perjessy, M.Samalikova, E.Kolehmainen,W.M.F.Fabian, K.Laihia and Z.Sustekova. Molecules 7, (833-839),  2002.
    10. On The Transmission of Substituent Effect Through  Bicyclo[2.2.2]octane and Triptycene. A 19F and 13C Substituent Chemical Shift Investigation.Nezar.L.Shihabaldain, Hanan A.R.Al-Hazam, Ghazwan F. Fadhil Iraqi National Journal of Chemistry 7, (422-437)  2002. 
    11. Substituent Effects and Vibrational Coupling in Indole-2,3-diones: An  IR, NMR and Theoretical Study. Ghazwan F. Fadhil, H.A. Radhy, A.Perjessy, E.Kolehmainen, .M.F.Fabian M.Samalikova, K.Laihia, Z.Sustekova Heterocyclic Communications 7, ( 387-392) 2001.
    12. Principal component analysis and target testing of substituent effect using carbonyl stretching frequency and C-13 NMR chemical shift data matrices. G. F. Fadhil Collect. Czech. Chem. Commun. Vol.  58 , ( 385-394) 1993 .
    13. Factor analysis of long range substituent effects on C-13 NMR chemical shift and target factor testing of different types of substituent parameters. G.F. Fadhil Z. Naturforsch. , A 47 , ( 775-780), 1992. 
    14. Synthesis and  substituent effect study on the ferquency of 1- Benzoyl-2-(p- substituted phenyl ) cyclopropane. G.F. Fadhil and W. G. Yousif. Iraqi Journal of Chemistry Vol. 15 No (30 ) 1990.
    15. On the analysis of substituent effects. Part 1. Hammett and related plots. G.F.Fadhil and M.Godfrey. J. Chem. Soc. Perkin Transactions II. (133-137),  1988.
    16. The interpretation of quantitative linear correlations. Studies on the substituent shell concept. G. F. Fadhil  and M.Godfrey.J. Chem. Soc. Perkin Trans. II  ( 933), 1982 .




    • Modelling of substituent and solvent effects in organic molecules.
    • Quantitative structure activity /property relationships (QSAR/QSPR).
    • Phytonutrient investigations from natural products.
    • Synthesis of photostabilizers.
    • Solar photosynthesis of fine chemicals.
    • Synthesis of new Photochromic molecules, spectroscopic and computational investigation.

  • Undergraduate Courses: 

    • General Organic Chemistry (Aliphatic and Aromatic Organic Compounds) For Agricultural College Students.
    • Organic Stereochemistry and Reaction Mechanisms.
    • Carbanion and Alicyclic Organic Chemistry.
    • Spectrometric Identification of Organic Compounds.
    • Natural Product Chemistry.
    • Organic Medicinal Chemistry for third and fourth year Pharmacy Students.
    • Nanochemistry.

    Postgraduate MSc Courses:


    • Chemistry of Percyclic Reactions.
    • Advanced Spectrometric Identification of Organic Compounds.
    • Functional Group Transformations and the Use of Carbanion in Organic Synthesis.
    • Correlation Analysis as a Tool in  Organic Reactivity.
    • Organic Syntheses Part (1).
    • Advance NMR  spectroscopy.
    • Computational Chemistry(1)


    Postgraduate PhD Courses:


    • Advanced Correlation analysis and Its Application in Organic  Chemistry.
    • Organic Syntheses Part (2).
    • Advanced Physical Organic Chemistry.
    • Computational Chemistry of Molecular Orbital Theory and Molecular Mechanics.

  • Ph.D. Theses

    • Title Models performance assessment and the role of side-chain on the transmission of substituent effect to para, alpha and beta-carbon atoms in p-disubstituted benzenes. A 13C SCS correlation analysis study.

          - Name Mr. Sabih A. O. Al-Shawi - University of Basrah
          -Date   1998

    • Title   Preperation and substituent effect study on aryl cyclopropanes, thiophene chalcones and triptycenes.

          - Name Mr. Nezar.L.Shihabaldain - University of Basrah
          -Date   1998

    • Title   1H, 13C and 15N NMR study for 5-x and 6-x-Isatins and substituted [2.2.2]bicyclooctane.

          - Name   Mrs. Hanan A.R.Al-Hazam - University of Basrah
          -Date   2001

    • Title Substituent and side-chain effects investigation on para carbon atom Mulliken charges in disubstituted benzenes. A correlation analysis study.

          - Name   Mr.Mohammad A. Naser Almagmoy - University of Basrah
          -Date   2005

    • Title Synthesis and QSAR study of 1-phenyl-2-(4`-X-phenyl)-4-(2,4- dichlorophenyl)- 1,3-butadiene and 3-(3,4-dichlorophenyl)-1-(4`-X-phenyl)-2-propen-1-one.

          - Name  Miss. Hanoy K. Al-Amood - University of Basrah 
          -Date   2006

    Masters Theses

    • Title Substituent effect study on p[[p-(substituted) benzylid]amino]benzonitrile and o-[[p-(substituted)benzylid]amino]benzonitrile.

          - Name   Mr. Ali H. Essa - University of Basrah
          -Date   1998

    • Title Synthesis and substituent effect study of new series of chalcones.

          - Name Mr.Hanoy K. Al-Amood - University of Basrah
          -Date   1999

    • Title   Substituent effect study of some phenylmethylene oxazolones and the assessment  of new electronic substituent scale

          - Name   Mr.Basil A.Salah - University of Basrah
          -Date   1999

    • Title Synthesis and Identification of new UV-stabilizers.


          - Name   Mr. Mustafa K. Joda - University of Basrah
          -Date   2001

    • Title Synthesis of new photostabilizers derived from benzotriazole and phenylbenzoate and their ٍimpregnated derivatives on LDPE-wax and the study of their  photostabiliztion efficiency.

          - Name  Mr.Zeyad T. Al-Maleki - University of Basrah 
          -Date   2004

    • Title Laboratory preparation of ethylene oxide and its application in the synthesis of some new polymeric resins containing lignin and study of their thermal properties.

          - Name Mr.Amjed A. Ahmed - University of Basrah   
          -Date   2004

    • Title Neurofuzzy networks based system for aromatic 13C SCS approximation. (With collaboration of advisor from computer science department.)

          - Name Miss. Zyneb B. Dahoos- University of Basrah   
          -Date   2004

    • Title   Efficiency and comparative study of Lignin as thermal and photo antioxidant for low density polyethylene.

          - Name   Mr. Ali T. Y. Al-Sarayfee - University of Basrah
          -Date   2005

    • Title Extraction and physical study of white mineral oils produced by Iraqi refinery.

          - Name   Mr. Hekmat Abdel- Raheem - University of Basrah
          -Date   2005

    • Title   Green Chemistry Reactions: Rose Bengal Solarphotosensitized synthesis of Benzopinacol, Myrtenol and Juglone.

          - Name   Mrs. Ibtehaj T. Subhi - University of Duhok
          -Date   2010

    • Title Investigation of Phytonutrients and Antioxidants in Milk,Syrian and Cotton Thistle Seeds in Duhok Region Using HPLC.

          - Name   Mr. Myasar Khaleel Ibrahim - University of Zakho
          -Date 2015

    • Title   Solar-Photosynthesis, Structure-Molecular Modeling and Kinetics of Photochromic 4-(5,7- dichloro-8aH-chromen-2-yl)aniline and Its Chalcone Precursor

          - Name   Mrs. Raghad  Mowfak Bahjat Al_Mukhtar - University of Duhok
          -Date  2016


    Diploma Dissertation

    • Title Preliminary GC investigation of phenolic compounds in Almonds ( prunus agentea and Prunus amygdalus) of Bamarny.

          - Name   Moyeser K. Ibraheem - University of Dohuk
          -Date  2007


  • Papers presented in conferences

    • The 15th  Iraqi chemical conference ( Basrah University)3-7 February  1990.
    • The 2nd Czechoslovak chemo metrics conference , Brno 1990.
    • The first Iraqi national conference on chemistry science- University of Basrah College of

      Science Basrah  22-23  February 2000.

    • The Second Jordanian Conference of Chemistry, Yarmouk University, Irbid- Jordan 16- 22

      April  2000.

    • The Fifth International Polymer Conference , University of Basrah, Basrah, 11-12

      November 2001.

    • The Second National Iraqi Conference on Chemistry , University of  Babylon, Babel,

      25-27 Dec 2001.

    • The Third International Jordanian Conference on Chemistry, Yarmouk University, Irbid- Jordan 22- 26 April  2002.
    • Conference of International Chemistry- University of Basrah, Basrah 2-3 Nov 2011.
    • The 4th Kurdistan Conference on Biological Sciences. University of Duhok 8-10 May, 2012.
    • 21st IUPAC International Conference on Physical Organic Chemistry. University of

      Durham 9-13 Sept. 2012.

    • 247th American Chemical Society  National Meeting Dallas, TX, March 16-20 2014.
    • 3rd International Conference on Energy, Environment and Applied Science. Ishik University and Salahaddin University Erbil 10-11 April 2016.

    Organized Workshops:

    • Structure Elucidation of Natural Products by 1H, 13C -NMR , DEPT 90o , DEPT 135o, COSY, HMQC, HMBC,  NOESY utilizing delta Jeol programmme. 25-29 Feb 2012.University of Duhok-Faculty of Science-Research Center.
    • Correlation Analysis in Chemistry (16-17 May 2012) University of Duhok-Faculty of Science-Department of Chemistry.
    • ChemDraw  (22,26,27,28 May 2013) University of Duhok-Faculty of Science-Department of Chemistry.
    • Mendeley File Organizer (10 March 2015) University of Duhok-Faculty of Science-Department of Chemistry

    Seminar Presentation:

    • Correlation Analysis in Chemistry. Date (21-12-2011). Organizer :University of Duhok, College of Science, Department of Chemistry.
    • Photochemical Molecular Devices. Date(24-1-2012). Organizer : University of Zakho, College of Science, Department of Chemistry.
    • Carbon Nanotubes Date: (2-5-2012) Organizer :  University of Duhok, College of Science, Department of Chemistry.
    • Charge and C-13 SCS Modeling of para Disubstitueted Benzenes. Date: (28-11-2012) Organizer :  University of Duhok, College of Science, Department of Chemistry.
    • Molecular Modeling. Date: (4-12-2014) Organizer :  University of Duhok, College of Science, Department of Chemistry.
    • Molecular Modeling of Antioxidants. Date:(27-11-2013) Organizer :  University of Duhok, College of Science, Department of Chemistry.
    • Sulfonated Lignin removal of Cr(VI). Date:(29-01-2014) Organizer :  University of Duhok, College of Science, Department of Chemistry.
    • Mendeley File Organizer . Date:( 26-11-2014) Organizer :  University of Duhok, College of Science, Department of Chemistry.




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