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The College

The College of Pharmacy in University of Duhok was founded in 2009-2010 in response to the urgent need in order to prepare pharmacists that meet the need for pharmaceutical services in Duhok province since University of Duhok is committed to play a vital role in fulfilling the community needs and to improve health services in Duhok province.

The first batch had graduated on July, 2013. After completion of five years study, the graduated students will acquire a Bachelor degree in Pharmaceutical sciences that will make them capable for working in every health facilities. The practical education will be at the health facilities of the department of Health in Duhok Governorate.


The vision of the college of pharmacy/ Duhok University is to stay as one of the distinct colleges of pharmacy in Kurdistan Region of Iraq. Besides, the college aims to follow the international standards of development in all basic and advanced pharmaceutical sciences involving teaching, researches, services, training and consultation in order to be in line with the distinguished colleges of pharmacy in the region.


 College of Pharmacy is an institution of learning, research and public utility to serve human health. The college aims through the education of pharmaceutical quality to prepare qualified pharmacists who carry the scientific and professional skills that qualify them to serve the community in health institutions, pharmaceutical factories, as well as dissemination of health education and health awareness.


The College of Pharmacy goals focus on the following areas:


  • Preparation of  pharmacists as experts to work in health institutions and community pharmacy, patient care, laboratories, pharmaceutical and laboratory analysis of disease and drug factories, as well as scientific work in the offices of the publicity and marketing of medicines.
  • Achieving international standards in pharmaceutical education.
  • Providing scientific advice to ministries and state institutions related to the private sector.
  • Participation in scientific research in the fields of pharmaceuticals and various conferences, seminars and workshops to link the initial university education with the community needs and global development plans.