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                                        Raed Salim Mohammed
Raed Salim Mohammed Teaching staff
Medical Physiology

    1. M.Sc. Medical Physiology: thesis title: (The Effect of Glycosaminoglycans on Renal Stone Formation) 
    2. Ph.D. Medical Physiology: thesis title: (Role of Oxidative Stress on renal stone formation)
    • Iraq/Mosul/Veterinary/1977-1983/BVMS/Vet. Medicine & Surgery Sciences
    • Iraq/Mosul/Medicine/1984-1986/MSc./Medical Physiology
    • Iraq/Duhok/Medicine/2005-2008/PhD/Medical Physiology
    • Sweden/Lund/Medicine/1.3.2010-1.9.2010/Post Doctorate/Endocrine & Renal Physiology


  • 1. Impact of Oxidative Stress in Recurrent Missed Abortion.

    The 1st Gynecology and obstetrics Conference, College of Medicine, University of Duhok , 2016; DMJ Vol.10 suppl.1

    (Duhok Medical Journal )2016


    2. Does Oxidative Stress Increased Following Iron Therapy during the 2nd and 3rd Trimester of Pregnancy The 1st Gynecology and obstetrics Conference, College of Medicine, University of Duhok , 2016 DMJ Vol.10 suppl.1

    (Duhok Medical Journal )


    3. (Nuclear Factor of Activated T Cells Is Activated in the Endothelium of Retinal Microvessels in Diabetic Mice)

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    J of Diabetes Research, Volume 2015 (2015), Article ID 428473, 14 pages , 10.1155/2015/428473


    4. (Activation of Nuclear Factor of Activated T-cells (NFAT) in retinal vessels of diabetic Ins2 Akita mice)

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    6. Role of Osteopontin and Oxidative Stress in Heart Failure; 3rd International 

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    10. (Comparison of Effects of Iontophoresis and Local Injection of Dexamethasone Phosphate in the Treatment  of Tennis Elbow) 

    Al-Rafidain Journal For Sport Sciences University of Mosul/Iraq . ISSN: 19939345 AJSS, Vol.(17),No.56 ,2011, I/     

            University of Mosul/Iraq


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    14. (Comparative study between male and female renal stones components)Ministry of Higher Education/ Foundation of Iraqi 

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    15. (Comparative study of blood lactate between short distance runners & swimmers) Journal of the 5th Scientific Symposium 

             Basra University Journal of the Study and Researches of Physical Education Colleges 1990


    16. (Comparative study of vital capacity & Forced expiratory volume at 1st second between female Students of 1st & 4th 

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    23. (Study of some Physiological Variables that occur after different distances running) 


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    24. (Increased Oxidative Stress by  Extracorporeal Shock-Wave Lithotripsy in Patients with Kidney Stone Disease) Sending 

             for publishing   One week ago      Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine




    25. (Relation of glycemic state, periodontal diseases and dental caries with salivary IgA in diabetic mellitus type II)


            Unpublished till now 2017


    26. Metabolic syndrome as a  risk factor for gallstone disease in Duhok governorate Unpublished till now/2017


    27. Induced renal stone disease in rats Unpublished till now 2017-2018


  • Course Book:


    Teaching experience:  

    Academic occupation in the University of Duhok/ College of Medicine /Department of Physiology from September 1998-2016:


    1. Teaching human physiology for 2nd year students (1998-2016).

    2. Teaching Physiology for 2nd  year  students at college of Pharmacy  (2012-2015) 

    3. Teaching Physiology for 2nd year    

    Students at college of Dentistry (2013-2016).

    4. Teaching exercise physiology for 2nd year students at college of physical education (2006-2007).


    Postgraduate Teaching 

    General and Systemic physiology for:

    1. MSc. and PhD Students at departments of Physiology, Pharmacology and Biochemistry.


    2. High diploma students at 

        department of Surgery: Urology,    

        Anesthesia, Traumatology units.


    3. Board of Kurdistan students at 

    Specialty of general surgery and gynecology.

    Previous Teaching experience :

     Academic occupation in University of Mosul/ College of Physical Education/ Department of sport Sciences from 1988-Jun 1998:


    1. Teaching human physiology for 2nd year students.

    2.Teaching sport medicine for 3rd year   



    3. Teaching athletic nutrition for 

         4th year undergraduate students.  



  •  Supervision: Student’s name

    Degree Specialization : Title of the postgraduate study Starting date Finishing date   Month Year Month Year

    1. Shereen A. Ibrahim MSc Endocrinology and female reproductive physiology:

    (Biphasic, inhibitory and excitatory actions of PGF2-alpha on human and experimental animal uterine smooth muscles at term) 2002

    2. Ahmed A. Al-Mandani MSc Endocrinology and Renal  Physiology:(Diabetic  nephropathy , neuropathy and Glycosaminoglycans)2002


    3. Tarek  Abdul-Kader Abdal  MSc Endocrinology and Physiology of Hearing:  (Effect of Noise Exposure on Oxidative Stress and Hearing abilities in Electrical Generator Workers)2010


    4. Shereen A. Ibrahim PhD Endocrinology and Female Reproduction physiology (Role of Oxidative Stress in Repeated 

            Abortion )2012

    5. Suzan Omer PhD Endocrinology and Cardiac Physiology

    (Role of Oxidative Stress in Heart Failure in Patients with DM Type II)2012


    6. Nazdar Mohammed Omer MSc Endocrinology and Oral Physiology 

    Serum Value of C-reactive protein and Immunoglobulin A can reflect the Severity of Periodontal Disease in Diabetic Patients 2014


    7. Mohammed Omer Abdi MSc Endocrinology and gall bladder physiology (Metabolic  Syndrome as a Risk Factor for  \   

            Gallstone Disease: A Case Control  Study)2015


    8. Bayan Salam MSc Endocrinology and renal physiology(The association of abdominal  visceral fat In complicating side 


             effects extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy in kidney stone disease)   

    2014 11 2016



    9. Ahed Najim Aldeen MSc

    Endocrinology and female reproductive physiology

    (Effect of Iron supplementation

     therapy on oxidative stress status in pregnant women.)

    10 2014 11 2016


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