Dean's statement

Duhok College of Medicine (DCM), is a part of the Division of Health Sciences and a component of the Iraqi Health System in Kurdistan Region and the one of the academic health center. The College accepted its first students in 1992 and is noted for the excellence of its educational and research programs. Seventy to eighty medical students register each year, selected from more than thousands applicants.


The great development in educational institutions, particularly in the modern school curriculum, make. crucial need to review all scientific, research, administrative, physical, technical, and in addition to its curriculum. A significant improvement had been achieved in building new departments, updating the library and initiating scientific partnerships with other universities and institutes.


Quality Assurance  and Accreditation quality management adopted by DCM since 2008 concurrent with the college's commitment to the standards of NCAMC. Also in 2016 the college established department of medical education development. The scientific services which offered by the Ministry and its institutions become in compliance with the international quality standards taking into consideration the current and the future needs of the Iraqi society aiming at having qualified personnel who are capable of meeting these needs.


The college has also developed a partnership with different distinguished national and international universities, institutes and organizations; In addition to good relationships with Arab, Iraqi and Kurdistan Boards of Medical Specialization. This partnerships assessed DMC using it's at most resources to train its faculty members to be active member and ready to participate in new curriculum within the next two years. The DMC focus on key elements that will go into a new medical education model, such as focusing on critical thinking skills, within the framework of cognition and meta-cognition, moving away from more traditional method of education.


Active working groups are now in place dealing with these' important subjects, which will dovetail with other elements to be incorporated into a new framework for educating the physician of the future, for example, clinical simulation, professionalism, and leadership skills.


As a member of the college faculty; I can say with complete conviction that the. DMC has been on strong footing this past year, we continue to build a community of faculty, students and staff with exceptional talents and helping our aspiring students become the compassionate, highly skilled health-care providers of tomorrow. e know we are stronger as a diverse faculty arid student body. Our commItment to diversity is a core value.