About the Department

The Department was established at the Faculty of Humanities, University of Duhok in the academic year 2011-2012. The first group of the Department's students graduated in the academic year 2014-2015.The Master Degree Program in Translation started in the academic year 2014-2015 and the Ph.D. Program in Translation began in the academic year 2016-2017.                                                                                                    


The department's mission is to offer a program of study leading to B.A, M.A. and Ph.D. Degrees in English-Kurdish/ Arabic-English translation. This program is characterized by innovative teaching and research and sustained by the collaboration of its four sections, language, literature, linguistics and translation. Moreover, the department attempts to equip students with the advanced practical, critical and interpretive skills necessary for career success in a world increasingly marked by the shaping demands of language and mutual communication.                           


The department aims at producing graduates armed with the advanced skills in translation and flexibility necessary for moving into a wide variety of professional fields. It also aims at bringing up graduates equipped with enough knowledge and linguistic competence to enable them to function successfully in English - Kurdish / Arabic-English Translation both for further academic studies and in the wider community.                                                                                                  



The main objective of the department is to provide its students with knowledge and training in translation to enable them to pursue higher education or seek translation careers in the private and public sectors.   The department also aims at bringing up graduates with the intercultural skills and understanding needed for work and interaction with people of other cultures and the capacity for independent creative and academic achievement.                                  

Head of Translation Section