Undergraduate Studies
Admissions for Iraqi Citizens

Applicants for undergraduate studies that are Iraqi citizens can apply through the Online Central Student Board Application System in the Iraqi Kurdistan Region. A guide is available on Board's website which can be found here (Kurdish Only).

The table below shows the minimum total points (out of 100 points) required for the admission to each department for the past academic years. The limits are subject to change in the next admission round.

Department Duhok Governorate Applicants (2015-2016) Duhok Governorate Applicants (2016-2017) General (2015-2016) General (2016-2017)
Civil Engineering 93.57 92.01 95.14 95.29
Water Resources Engineering 89.71 87.43 93.29 90.00
Architectural Engineering 94.71 93.86 96.43 97.00
Electrical and Computer Engineering 91.14 89.26 92.86 90.29
Mechanical Engineering 89.29 85.29 93.00 89.86
Surveying Engineering No admission 88.00 No admission 92.57

Registration Requirements

Registration is completed at the Registration Unit at the College of Engineering. The new students are required to provide the following:

  • Personal photos (8 photos).
  • Civil Status ID Card (2 colored copies).
  • Iraqi Citizenship ID card (2 colored copies).
  • Baccalaureate diploma (Twelfth Class diploma) verified at the General Directorate of Education.
  • Medical examination report and blood type certificate.
  • Ration card (1 colored copy).
  • Information Card (1 colored copy) or residence evidence verified at the Mayoralty.
  • Payment Invoice of IQD 50,000 (paid at the College of Engineering Accounting Unit).

The Registration Unit is found in building 1 in this map.

International Applicants

International applicants can apply directly to the admission of the College of Engineering. Email us for the details on eng.info@uod.ac. Tuition fees are required.