About the College of Agriculture and Forestry/ University of Mosul

The College of Agriculture and Forestry was established in 1964 and was affiliated to the University of Baghdad until April 1st1967, the day of the founding of the University of Mosul and became one of four colleges that have become the main building block of Mosul University, which included three departments in agricultural science (forestry, plant production and animal production). In 1967, the College was moved from its temporary location at the site of the University of Mosul to the area of HammamAl-Alil, about 25 km south of Mosul. The main departments and laboratories were built and the experimental fields for forest, plant and animal production were established. After the events of 2003, the college was moved to the Cultural Campus of the University of Mosul. The duration of the initial study is four years. The graduate is awarded a bachelor's degree in agricultural sciences in many specialties, Master and Doctorate degrees are awarded as well in various specialties. The first PhD was awarded at the University of Mosul from the Department of Field Crops in 1987.


About the College of Agriculture/ University of Duhok:

The College of Agriculture was established at the establishment of University of Duhok in 1992 beside the College of Medicine inSemel district, about 15 km west of Duhok city. The establishment of the College was as an urgent need of the region to lead the development of the agricultural sector In Kurdistan Region of Iraq, which is an ideal area for cultivation of various crops as well as investment and development of livestock. The College began with very simple possibilities and then developed and expanded in terms of scientific departments, buildings, laboratories, lab equipment, orchards and fields. At the beginning of the establishment, the College had only two departments: Plant Production and Animal Production. Nowadays, the College consists of eight scientific departments in addition to the basic sciences branch. The initial period of study at the College is four years. The language of study is English. The graduate then grants a bachelor degree in Agricultural Sciences in the fields of its eight scientific departments. The College also grants Master and Doctorate Degrees in specializations related to specific Scientific Departments.