Scientific Research Center

Kalthoum Abdul-Qadir Hayawi
It is one of the centers of the University of Dohuk specialized in scientific studies and researches in legal, financial, economic, administrative, accounting and statistical studies. It is linked financially and administratively to the college of L aw and Administration.
The Center goals: 
1. Put an appropriate research strategy for the college of   Administration and economic in order to qualify the college to be within the circle of the local and regional competition.
2. Give priority to the academic researches and studies in the specialties law, administration, economics, finance, accounting and statistics specialties with logistic and financial support. 
3. Provide scientific consulation to the administrative leaders and decision-makers in the Kurdistan region in the specialties mentioned above.
4. Keep up with administrative, economic and law developments and evaluate, develop and give them to the researchers.
5. Encourage publishing scientific research, writing, translating and collecting scientific resources.
6. Hold conferences, symposia and seminars on the local and international level in the specialties mentioned above.
7. Propose and implement training courses for workers in the public and private sectors and civil society organizations in order to develop their skills.
8. Build scientific and cultural relations with similar centers in the country and abroad through correspondence and visits and attract specialized scientific cadres.
9. Suggest a set of research titles that can serve as researches or projects for the dissertation and graduate Theses.
10. Direct contact with governmental institutions and civil society organizations and recognize the problems that need scientific solutions  as well as develop some of their activities.
11.Assign a practical  team to study a particular phenomenon in the specialties mentioned above in the towns and villages of the region and assign some teachers to study it.
12. Cooperation with colleges and departments that are  particularly related in the   research areas 
13. Create a specialized research library.
14. Provide information and resources that the researchers need in  the specialties mentioned above.
Administrative  Structure:
1. Center Director: Director is required to have a doctorate with assistant professor degree and is appointed by the President of the University.
2. Rapporteur Center: is required to have a master's degree and is appointed by the dean of the college.
3. Secretariat: employees as needed.
Workers' rights at the center:
1. The director of the center and its Rapporteur , heads of departments and rapporteurs  in the college are treated in terms of  the teaching hours ,the number of the additional lectures they give  and allowances and Salaries. 
2. Service University Law provisions are applied on Employees of the center.
3. Employees of the center are treated in terms of the scientific promotions so they are required to do the teaching tasks in order to meet the requirements of the scientific promotion.
4. Calculate the research hours for the staff of the research center, which exceed the teaching hours of their colleagues, as extra lectures each according to his of functional degree and scientific rank in according to the instructions.
5. The staff of the center is included in the fellowships and training courses inside and outside Iraq.
 1. The Center Director
 a. Handles all the administrative and scientific tasks of the center and keep-up with all activities under the Permissions authorized by the Dean of the college. 
b. Participate in the preparation of the scientific research plan for the departments and prepare the research plan of the college.
c. Coordination with the faculties and departments of the University to achieve the goals of the center.
d. Supervise the training courses held by the center and the proposal of the preparation committees for seminars and workshops.
E. make the annual report of the Center.
F. suggest to appoint researchers and technicians at the center.
2. Rapporteur Center
a. coordinating among the various scientific programs at the center ,keep up with implementation of the scientific plan of the  center ,the scientific departments and research projects and provide supplies at the center.
b. organize and audit  the proposed researches and  submit them  to the Scientific Committee at the Centre for approval.
c. Prepare and organize seasonal meetings at a college level to keep up with the progress of offering the researches according to the plan scientific.
3. The research center council
The Council consists of members of the Scientific Committee at the center as well as a representative of the other scientific departments at the College who handles The task of preparing and discussing the annual plan for the submitted researches, put priorities for implementation of the scientific research in terms of importance, determine the budget of each research and raise recommendations to the college for approval.
 The center Budget:
The Center has a clear budget within the College budget, and it can be funded from:
1. Donations and contributions.
2. Governmental and non-governmental Global programs.
3.  The Wages of the training courses and advisory services that the Center offers, this does not include the employees of the University of Dohuk.
The College Council should review this system after a year or more and make the necessary adjustments which do not contrary with the Higher Education law