Delegation from UoD Visits Several Romanian Universities


High delegation from University of Duhok paid five days visit to several Romanian Universities starting from 23 September.  The delegation was headed by the President of the University of Duhok Prof. Mosleh Duhoky. The main objective of the visit is to start beneficial academic cooperation with the Romanian universities for the benefit of our staff and students.

As a result of this visit a memorandum of understanding was signed by Prof. Dr. Mosleh Duhoky the president of University of Duhok and Prof. Dr. Cornel Catoi, Rector of University of Agricultural Science and Veterinary Medicine USAMV Cluj – Napoca.

The delegation discussed and arranged different types of collaborations with different Romanian universities on different academic topics, so the delegation met with, Pro-Rector Dr. Alexandru Mihai Ghigiu University of SNSPA – Bucharest, Pro-Rector Prof. Dr. Mihaela Lutas University of Babes – bolyai, Cluj – Napoca, Rector Prof. Dr. Ioan Vasile Abrudan University of Transelvania Brasov, Pro-Rector Prof. Dr. Razvan Ionut Teoderescu University of USAMV Bucharest, and Rector Prof. Dr. Cornel Catoi, University of USAMV Cluj - Napoca, Romania.

The signed MoU is tackled the areas of student and faculty exchange, cultural exchange joint research project and joint publication together with different training in the academic fields. Also, a visit by the Romanian universities staff to our region is also discussed