The Minister of Higher Education “We will be working for improving University of Duhok”

On August 26th 2019,Dr Aram Muhammad Qadir  the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research  ,visited University of Duhok and had a meeting with the Board of  Duhok University ;  they talked about several subjects regarding the process of  the study and the  new plan of the Ministry.

In attendance were The President of Duhok University Prof.Mosleh Duhoky,several counselors ,General Directors of the Ministry,Vice-Presidents ,and the Deans of the Colleges of the University.In a speech,Dr.AramMuhammad Qadir said “Duhok in the history of our people had sacrificed and resisted ; in return to that  hard labour, the responsibility will be on our own shoulders to be working for improving University of Duhok as an Academic and Strategic establishment for the upcoming wind.”In a speech , The President of Duhok University ,by the name of the Board  of the University,Lecturer  , and Students of Duhok University welcomed the Minister and the stuff of the Ministry .Also,He talked about Duhok University , the history of its establishment,the number of Colleges,and the Scientific Departments. “University of Duhok is consisted of 18 Colleges and it has more than 22 thousand students .” he added.Also , he indicated that the Project of University of Duhok ;especially the International Partner Projects like Erasmus and he demonstrated that in two Scientific Departments the Certificate shall be given between University of Duhok and Foreign Universities.


Dr.Aram Muhammad Qadir ,The Minister of Higher Education  and Scientific Research  expressed his happiness by the meeting with the Board of University of Duhok and the main role of University for developing University was considered high and said that “From the very beginning of the establishment of Duhok University in 1992 till now there were several people and sides that had role in the improvement and success of University and he claimed that we all  have to be helpful and continuing for the development  in Higher Education Sector in Kurdistan Region .He either showed the readiness  of the Ministry  that they have to be helpful from all sides for each and every project that its goal is to improve and boost the Scientific  level .”

The Minister of Higher Education demonstrated that the support of the Ministers Leadership Council and The Premier Mr.MasrourBarzani for understanding and taking care of the Higher Education Sector at Kurdistan in this framework “ This understanding  is for the improvement and the developing of our work will be a good support and we will be able to conduct a real reform in the Higher Education at Kurdistan by our Counselors,expert and academic Lecturer’’he added.

In another part of the meeting ,each one of the President and Vice –Presidents of University, Counselors,  General Directors of the  Ministry,and the Deans of the Colleges of University of Duhok showed their opinions and suggestions regarding the affairs that are related to the University and the field of its working.