“The History of Kurdistan between Distortion and Correction” on 29th-30th March, 2020 University Conference hall

Under the auspices of the President of the University of Duhok,  the Department of History will hold its second International Scientific Conference under the theme


“The History of Kurdistan between Distortion and Correction”

on 29th-30th March, 2020 University Conference hall



Conference Topics of interest


Throughout periods of history the nature of the history of Kurdistan was exposed to many attempts of distortion and forgery, through book publishing, research papers and non-scientific studies; behind which there were multiple sides, parties, and people. In addition to which, there was occasional intervention by government agencies assigning certain writers and orientalists ,writing according to well-studied plans serving their anti-Kurdish nationalistic tendencies. The attempts of which targeted all aspects and stages of Kurdistan’s history, including the history of Kurdish liberation movement, challenging its legitimacy. On the other hand, Kurdish researchers and writers also contributed, especially after the uprising of 1991 to the distortion of fact by writing books and publishing research in a non-scientific method with exaggeration and intimidation.

The Department of History in the College of Humanities at the University of Duhok found it to be the appropriate time to convene an international conference entitled : “The History of Kurdistan, between Distortion and Correction” in order to address this issue , which has affected multiple aspects of the history of Kurdistan and the Kurds. The aim is to correct the distortion in a scientific and academic manner based on reliable documents and historical sources. This correction will be a meeting place for historians and researchers who comply with seriousness, historical methodology and integrity in order to show the historical truth and balanced historical research.

Conference Topics of interest

 First Topic: The History of Ancient Kurdistan

- Theories about the origin of the Kurds.

- Civilizations of ancient Kurdistan.

- The population of ancient Kurdistan and their relations with the Kurds.

- Problems of the history of ancient Kurdistan in modern studies.

 Second Topic: The History of Kurdistan in the Middle Ages (Islamic Age)

- Islamic conquest of Kurdistan

- Kurdish characters, tribes and Emirates

- Historical Geography of Kurdistan

- Kurds in historical, literary and religious Arabic sources

- Kurds in Persian Historical Knowledge

 ■  Third Topic: The History of Modern Kurdistan

- The reflection of the Safawi and Othomani conflict on Kurdistan in the historical sources.

- The Kurds image in the Othomani and Persian sources.

- Emirates, tribes and Kurdish uprisings in the Othomani and Persian documents.

- Kurdistan in the writings of travelers and Orientalists.

■  Fourth Topic: Contemporary History of Kurdistan

- Critical reviews of the policy of the countries that shared Kurdistan.

- Kurdish liberation movement in the documents of the great nations.

- Kurdistan in the writings of nationalists.

- Kurdistan and the liberation movement in the journalism and periodicals.

■  Fifth Topic: The Kurdish Researchers and Kurdistan history

 Research Conditions and Author Guidelines

  1. Scientific aspect:

-1 The research should address a book, study or document that distorted a subject concerning the history of Kurdistan with

criticism and analysis, then it must be corrected by providing historical evidence and documents.

  1. Correcting historical errors in the topics and events related to the history of Kurdistan.

-3 The research must be new (original) and unpublished or derived (taken) previously from any other published book or thesis.

  1. Technical aspect:

-1 The manuscript should not be less than (15) pages and the text must not exceed (25) pages.

-2 The paper must be written in one of the following languages: (Kurdish, Arabic, English, Persian and Turkish).

-3 The  content  text  must  be written in  (Ali - K - Sahifa)  font  for  Kurdish  language, (Ali-A-Sahifa) font for Arabic language,)Times New Roman) for English language.

-4 The paper (references) must be written (listed) in standard of the (Harvard referencing) style.

Conference important dates

 - Deadline for abstract submission: 20th October, 2019.

- Notification of acceptance or rejection of papers: 31th October, 2019.

- Deadline for Full -Text Submission: 10st February,2020

- Final notification (decision) of papers: 10th March, 2020.

- Conference sessions: 29th -30th March, 2020.

 Contact details

 - The Paper /Abstract should be sent to the following E-mail address:


The Paper /Abstract should be sent to the following E-mail address:


- For further information please contact us via Mobile phone:

 0935 450 750 00964        4554 457 750 00964         4614 450 750 00964


Conference committee

 - General Supervisor of the conference:

Ass.Prof Dr. Mizgeen Mohammed Hasan/Dean of the College of Humanities / University of Duhok

 Scientific committee

 - Prof Dr. Zerar SadiqTawfiq / University of Duhok/Chairman

- Prof Dr. Fawzia Younis Fatah / University of Duhok/ Member

- Prof Dr. Abdulfatah Ali Botani / President of the Kurdish Academy / Member

- Prof Dr. Jabar Qader Kafur / Netherland/ Member

- Prof Dr. Khalil Ali Murad / University of Erbil/ Member

- Prof Dr. Mosa Mustafa Ibrahim /University of Duhok/ Member

- Prof Dr. Jahankir Krami / University of World Studies / Iran

- Prof Dr. Saad Naji / London

- Prof Dr. Taher Khalaf Albakaa / University of Harvard /USA 

- Prof Dr. Rozba ZerinKoob / / University of Tehran/ Iran

- Prof Dr. Ibrishnko Viktor yorifetch / Southern Federal University/ Russia 

- Ass.Prof Dr. Nadim Younis Othman/University of Duhok/ Member

- Ass.Prof Dr. Derweish Yousif Hasan /University of Duhok/ Member

- Ass.Prof Dr. Suaad Hasan Jewad /University of Duhok/ Member

- Ass.Prof Dr. Khalil Mustafa Othman /University of Duhok/ Member

- Ass.Prof Dr. Hakim Abdulrahman Zubir/ University of Duhok/ Member

- Ass.Prof Dr. Hozan SulimanMirkhan /University of Duhok/ Member

- Ass.Prof Dr. Said Khideda Aloo / University of Duhok/ Member

- Ass.Prof Dr. Mahmood Zayid /  University of Al-Azhar / Egypt

- Dr. Ismail Shams / Islamic Encyclopedia / Tehran –Iran/ Member

- Dr. Mohammed Akbash / University of Urfa / Turkey  

- Dr. Azad Haji Aghayi 

- Dr. Nasim Solmaz/ University of Ozyegin / Turkey  

- Dr.Mohammed Dembrtash / University of BitlisEren / Turkey

 The Conference will bear the cost of accommodation during the days of the conference only