U.S.-Iraqi Think Tank Linkage Program for Iraqi Academics and Commentators

The U.S. Mission in Iraq announces an open competition for eligible organizations to submit proposals for a grant to implement the U.S.-Iraqi Think Tank Linkage Program for Iraqi Academics and Commentators program. The Public Affairs (PA) Section seeks to connect an influential group of Iraqi think tank representatives with their counterparts in the United States. This program would send ten (10) academics and Iraqi media commentators, selected by Embassy PA staff, to the United States for a ten (10) day exchange program to meet with representatives of American think tanks, U.S. government representatives, and international and media organizations. Topics to be covered include the role of think tanks and policy research institutions in U.S. society, the collaboration of think tanks with educational institutions, NGOs, and government branches, U.S.-Iraq bilateral relations in the post-ISIS era, the continued International Coalition role in Iraq post-ISIS, investment opportunities in Iraq for American companies, Iraqi Prime Minister Abadi’s anti-corruption and national reconciliation efforts, and relations between the Iraqi federal government in Baghdad and the Iraqi Kurdistan Regional Government. Subject to the availability of funds, the Embassy expects to award one Grant up to $100,000 to carry out the U.S.-Iraqi Think Tank Linkage Program. The main goal of the program would be to establish linkages between the participating academics/commentators with their counterparts in the United States to develop partnerships that would increase current and future dialogue and exchange of information, including joint publications and events. This exchange of information could assist in more informed think tank analysis and reporting to a local audience in both countries, creating a better understanding of bilateral relations. Additional objectives of the program include the sharing of best practices in think tank structure and activities, as well as insight into think tank independence, policy analysis and policy advocacy.


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Think Tank Exchange Program for Iraqi Academics and Commentators