A Number of Kurdistan University’s  Students were  Visiting China


On Aug.31st 2019 ,10 students of the Universities of Kurdistan Region visited China.This trip lasted for  10 days and they paid a visit to Peking ,Shanghai, some Universities, and Scientific Establishments of that country.

Rozh Ali ,a student of the College of Spatial Planning  and Applied Science  at University of Duhok  was one of the students who participated in this trip  said that “The aim of this program was  the exchanging of information  with students of China Universities .Some of our students applied  to this Program after we have been  interviewed  by  a committee from the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research .Ten students from Kurdistan Universities have been chosen and I’m from University of Duhok have been selected to visit  China”.

Also, Rozh Ali added, “This Program is going to be conducted for 4 years consecutively  by the supervision of China Consulate in Erbil and the coordinating of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research of Kurdistan Region .The purpose of this Program was for exchanging and seeing the Culture of China .This trip lasted for ten days .We arrived at China on Aug 31st and visited Peking ,Shanghai,some Universities ,and the Scientific establishments  of that country; and I presented a lesson on our  culture and study ,as well as the study of the College of the Planning and our partnership Certificate with Dortmund Technical University of Germany.”