Academic political discussion was announced in the college of basic Education in Amedi.

Under the supervision of his Excellency Dr. Muslih the president of Duhok University, college of basic education in Amedi held an academic political discussion on the 25 of February 2019, for a number of political members and leaders in Kurdistan.

Also, a number of authorities, Iraqi and Kurdistan parliament members participated, at the beginning, Dr. Karavan  Amedi the dean of the college of a basic Education in Amedi claimed that Amedi from the old time was the place of peaceful coexistence and it always has been able to fill the political gaps by conducting similar discussion. and he said for the aim for the explanation the academic and political situation in Kurdistan for announcing the new cabinet, and for improving the situations in Kurdistan and Iraqi this discussion was held.

His Excellency Dr. Muslih in a speech said that research center and universities centers must be a legislator for all the decisions and policies, also they should be initiated for government and Governmental institution for their longterm plans and scientific strong bases, and if these steps are done by University and they have conducted their program and plans accordingly the government and political parties will be subjective to their suggestions and political views.

He indicated that so far in Kurdistan region the research centers were not available and if they were available they didn't work as expected, therefore it is requested from the Universities to conduct this role because Universities are from the community and they should serve it. the community with all its political, religious and national components is in need for the Universities serves.

Moreover, Dr. Muslih said that Duhok University has always concentrated on the daily issues through implementing debated and conferences, or holding panels and workshops, the debates results and discussion summaries usually issued to the concerned sides for following up.  Also, he showed that the presidency of the University of Duhok is always ready to support political, academic and scientific panel that will serve the community.

In this discussion two panels were conducted, first one was about the reason behind the delay in forming a new cabinet of Kurdistan region and it was hosted by Mr. Dilshad Shahab the PDK speaker member and Mr. khalid Ibrahim the member of political brouse of Islamic union, the second panel was about Kurdistan and Iraq relations and the impact of approval budget on Kurdistan region hosted by Dr. Ahmad Safar the head of the finance committee in Iraq parliament and Dr. Viyan Sabri the head of PDK bloc in Iraq parliament.