Key Dates
Item Date Day 
Starting of the Academic Year 2018-2019 9/2/2018 Sunday
Second Round Examinations 9/3/2018 Monday
New Year Break 25/12/2018- 3/1/2019 Tuesday- Thursday
First Semester Examinations for 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th-Year Students 13/1/2019 Sunday
First Semester  Examinations for First-Year Students 2/2/2019 Saturday
Starting of the Second Semester for 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th-Year Students 28/1/2019 Monday
Starting of the Second Semester for First-Year Students 16/2/2019 Saturday
Humanity and pure sciences vision towards contemporary education 11-12/2/2019 Monday- Tuesday
Nawroz break 11/3/2019 -23/3/2019 Monday- Saturday
The second International Dental Conference/University of Duhok 28/3/2019 -29/3/2019 Thursday- Friday
The 2nd Scientific International Geographical Conference (Mountainous Environment, Investment and Sustainable Development) 4-3/4/2019 Wednesday- Thursday
Integration of Science Towards the Achievement of Educational Goals Conference  10-11/4/2019 Wednesday- Thursday
The 1st International Academic Conference on Genocide (historical, political and cultural debate) 14،15،16/4/2019 Sunday - Tuesday
The 3rd Scientific International Conference of Law (Legal and political therapist for current problems in Kurdistan and Iraq) 16،17،18/4/2019 Tuesday - Thursday
The 5th Kurdistan International Conference on Science and Technology (ICST) 24-25/4/2019 Wednesday- Thursday
Final Examinations (Practical) 25/5/2019 Saturday
International Conference in Duhok, East meets West 23-24/6/2019 Sunday- Monday
Final Examinations (Theoretical) 1/6/2019 Saturday
Summer Break 1/7/2019 Monday
Starting of the new Academic Year 2019-2020 15/8/2019 Thursday
Second Round Examinations 17/8/2019 Saturday
Starting Courses for the New Academic Year 2019-2020 1/9/2019 Sunday