The 4th annual plastic art exhibition

The 4th annual exhibition of Plastic Arts Department in University of Dohuk (UoD) is reaching next levels of developments in all stages of programs from 1st year (fresher students) to 4th year (senior students) where they all are working together with the outstanding staff to reach the high aims of academic knowledge to fulfill the goals of what has been planned. This year, we are honored to celebrate the first graduation of our students where most of them will act as an important part of Kurdistan art. Moreover, their skills and visions of creativity will give major power to contemporary art life and activities in the city of Duhok and to all Kurdistan.

This annual exhibition focuses on the 4th year projects where each one includes 10 artworks such as large scale paintings which are not only drawn for showing their abilities of creativity and color skills, but rather they reflect the originality and the identity of Kurds heritage. They work very hard to achieve this outstanding exhibition to be the lighting sign for coming years. This excellent new generation of young artists will be the leading of new art movement in the country. I would like to express my gratitude to the Dohuk university president (Prof. Dr. Muslih M. Saeed Dohuki), the dean (Dr. Mizgeen M. Hasan Aboo) and our staff for their constant support. I wish for our graduated students a bright future for serving their nation and the international humanity through their arts and visios. 

Prof.Dr. Saadi A.Kadhim ( Babely)

Head Plastic Arts Department, University of Duhok, 2016

Member of International Association of Professional Artists (IAA) Paris